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Excellence in Early Childhood Education


Resilience in Children

Resilience is a 21st Century parenting concept that every parent needs to understand. Some children are resilient by nature – their temperament helps them to be mentally and psychologically tough. You know those children. They get straight back up after a setback or disappointment. Rejection in the playground doesn’t faze them. Unfortunately, not every child has such natural resilience.

The good news is that most of the research shows that resilience can be nurtured and developed, particularly when parents themselves are resilient and they actively foster it in their children.

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Why Building Self-Esteem Can Help Reduce Anxiety

We hear about self-esteem so much during the teenage years, but building a healthy self-esteem actually begins much earlier in a child's life. Children who have healthy self-esteem feel valued, accepted, confident and proud. They think positive things about themselves and are prepared to face everyday stresses and challenges.

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Growing Bodies Need Food Variety

From birth through their teenage years, children continually grow and develop. Good nutrition is the fuel for this development, forming the foundation of good health. Teaching children about their nutritional needs and instilling healthy eating habits early on is important. These are helpful so that they develop into healthy adults with healthy eating habits for life

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