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Excellence in Early Childhood Education


Resilience in Children

Resilience is a 21st Century parenting concept that every parent needs to understand. Some children are resilient by nature – their temperament helps them to be mentally and psychologically tough. You know those children. They get straight back up after a setback or disappointment. Rejection in the playground doesn’t faze them. Unfortunately, not every child has such natural resilience.

The good news is that most of the research shows that resilience can be nurtured and developed, particularly when parents themselves are resilient and they actively foster it in their children.

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Guided Relaxation for Children

In our busy, distracted world, the concept of mindfulness and the practice of guided imagery are invaluable gifts you can give to your child. As they grow and face new challenges, guided imagery provides children with a lifelong tool that can help to build confidence, cope with stress and access inner wisdom.

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Safe Internet Use for Children

The Internet can entertain, educate and occupy your children. But your child can come across dangerous people or inappropriate content online. With some practical internet safety precautions, you can minimise the risks for your child.

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