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Our Learning Environments

Explore our learning environments by age group below:

0-2 Yrs

Each moment in an infant’s day is important and we believe that the most essential ingredient in their care is warm, responsive, and dependable educators.

Our educators ensure each child in our care has a day filled with love in a place that feels like home. They recognise the individual needs of each child, their daily routines and most importantly can work to support families to provide the best care possible.

Our team of educators will strive to do their best for you and your child. Every day, in every activity, conversation and given opportunities, they will be guiding, extending and observing your children, supporting them in enhancing their levels of development.

Extra Curricular

In addition to delivering high-quality programs, Brookfield Early Childhood Centre also offers additional programs and services to our families and their children in their Kindergarten year, at no additional charge.

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