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Family Testimonials

We have been a family attending Brookfield Early Childhood Centre for the past 8 years.  During this time my three children have gone through all classes in the Centre.

BECC is an outstanding centre that provides a nurturing, caring environment for your child, with a strong focus on educational concepts.  We have experienced a caring environment where educators attend to your child’s needs with the level of concern and caring you would give to them yourselves as a parent.

The best part of BECC though is the relationships formed between the children and their leaders.  For transitioning to the school environment it is great to see them progress with a strong friendship base and with the respect for others that is so highly promoted at BECC.

As my children have entered into Prep and the primary education system they have been able to do so with a strong platform of learning behind them.  They have all had a good grasp of the basic concepts of language, writing and patterns.  This made transitioning so easy for them.

This year is my last year at BECC and it will be  very sad day in December when we say goodbye.  It will be forever part of our family’s lives and I Know when we see educators of BECC at our local shops/restaurants, my children will continue to rush to them for hugs and cuddles.

My thanks and appreciation goes to Kylie, Jodie, Becky and all the team for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful community.  Thankyou for playing your part in making my childrens lives so much fun, with great friends, and such a high level of respect for others.



Rebecca Harrison

We have been privileged to attend Brookfield Early Childhood Centre for the past 5 years.  It is a place where you are part of a family, and that your children are cared for, educated and taught life skills that will take them through to their school years and the rest of their lives.  My two boys have had so much fun, enjoyed the ‘rural environment’ and constant development to build their confidence and skills.  

I continue to enjoy such a wonderful daycare where my children are so happy.  I have only good things to say and would highly recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to engage with Brookfield Early Childhood Centre.



Megan Bye

Our daughter has been at Brookfield Early Learning Centre for about 3 months and we could not be happier. In preparation for returning to work full time, we started her 1 day per week when she was 16 months old. The team at Brookfield were fabulous in helping us all adjust. They worked with me to ensure that both Ella and I were happy and we went from me staying for the first hour to now dropping her off and she happily waves goodbye. The staff are their number one asset. Even staff that are not in her room, know her name and greet her on her way past. The team identified Ella’s favourite things and always use these as great distractions at drop off. I love how they personalise this. Whether it be going up and feeding the chickens, playing in the sandpit, playing with playdough, waterplay or reading books, they manage to find a favourite activity for everyone. Brookfield also provide the meals which is not only a huge time saver, but also exposes Ella to a great variety of healthy foods. I love seeing the children eat their fruits first and then some freshly baked food. Not only has Brookfield allowed me to return to work happily, but I genuinely believe Ella loves going and looks forward to those couple of days per week now.



Kent and Kellie Mikelsons


Our girls, Lucy and Rachel have been attending Brookfield EarlyChildhood Centre now for 6 months. We were nervous about changing daycarecentres but the all the staff assisted in making it a very easy and smoothtransition. The staff, friends and families are fantastic, the food is great and the atmosphere of the centre is one that you want your child to engage with. We could not be happier!        

Michael and Bec Dorman