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Excellence in Early Childhood Education



At Brookfield Early Childhood Centre, we seek to increase awareness of environmental responsibilities and implement practices that contribute to a sustainable future. Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment within the limits of “everyday life”. At Brookfield Early Childhood Centre, educators and children work together to learn about and promote the sustainable use of resources, and to develop and implement sustainable practices.  Brookfield Early Childhood Centre has an environmental strategy which is embedded into the operations and daily practices of the Service, and includes recycling, gardening, use of recycled resources, energy efficiency, water conservation and more.

Complementing the Service's sustainable practices, is the use of an excellent sustainability-learning tool, Backyard in a Box.  These resources examine what it means to be truly sustainable and assist educators to embed sustainability in the curriculum.  Backyard in a Box halps identify way in the which the whole service and coomunity can become environmentally responsible and contribute to a sustainable future.

We also believe that interacting with the natural world encompasses both observing and learning from animals. With consideration, family collaboration, and thorough planning, Brookfield Early Childhood Centre introduced a Chicken Coop to the Service in 2011, demonstrating a committment to supporting the education of the whole child and valuing the lessons that can be learnt from interacting with animals.