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Excellence in Early Childhood Education


Play-based Learning Can Set Your Child up for Success

Kindergartens and schools offer various approaches to early education, all promoting the benefits of their particular programs. One approach gaining much attention in the early years sector is play-based learning. Research shows that play-based learning enhances children’s academic and developmental learning outcomes. It can also set your child up for success in the 21st century by teaching them relevant skills.

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How Can You Help Your Child Settle into Childcare?

Starting or resuming childcare can be an emotional experience for both you and your child. Children especially can often experience some difficulty settling into a new environment, particularly if they find it hard to separate from family or familiar caregivers. 

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Internet Safety for Young Children

When you take some practical internet safety precautions, you protect your child from risky or inappropriate content and activities. And your child gets to make the most of her online experience, with its potential for learning, exploring, being creative and connecting with family and friends.

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