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Excellence in Early Childhood Education


Early Years Learning Framework

At Brookfield Early Childhood Centre we believe that every child and their family have the right to 'Excellence in Early Childhood Education’. Quality education programs in early childhood settings encompass play-based learning activities, stimulating environments, secure and trusting relationships, and qualified educators. Our highly qualified and experienced early childhood educators aim to achieve excellence in their role as facilitators, role models and nurturers of young children's learning and development. We incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into our daily programs and practices, which describes a vision of children’s learning, characterised by:

Belonging – recognising that knowing where and with whom you belong is integral to human existence, providing a basis for children’s interdependence and relationships with others.

Being – recognising and valuing the “here and now” in children’s lives, and viewing childhood as more than simply preparation for adulthood or for the future.

Becoming – recognising the rapid and significant learning and development that occurs in the early years, and the capability and potential of all children.

We believe that young children learn by doing, touching, experimenting, choosing, talking and negotiating.  Everything in their everyday lives is a potential curriculum for young children. While implementing a program under the EYLF the children are engaged in a negotiated “emergent curriculum” where the educator involves the children in planning activities that are purposeful and meaningful to them. The curriculum is called “emergent” because it evolves, diverging along new learning pathways as choices, connections and negotiations are made. It is always open to new possibilities that were not necessarily anticipated in the initial planning process of an idea. The program arises naturally from adult-child interactions and situations that allow for “teachable moments”. It connects learning with experience, culture and prior learning. It is driven by the individuals and groups within a community of learners and responds to their interests, abilities, questions, ideas and concerns rather than focusing on a narrow, child or calendar-driven topic. It is process rather than product-driven. Our programs are also designed around working in collaboration with each family within our Service. We believe that children do their best learning when families and educators support each other and work towards the same goals of providing a foundation for scaffolding children’s learning. At this age and stage of their lives children do NOT learn by sitting before an educator who imparts knowledge. They learn by doing and self-directing!  In learning the “emergent” way they will love to learn because their delight and spontaneous wonder will always be a part of their learning processes.

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