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Extra Curricular

In addition to delivering high quality early childhood education and care, Brookfield Early Childhood Centre also offers additional programs and services to our families and their children, at an additional charge.


Happy Feet are taking the concept of play based learning to another level. Combine the concepts of Hi 5 and the Wiggles and what you get is Happy Feet Fitness! Our themed adventure classes take large stage performances and put them into a super fun, interactive and educational class format that has been designed for children in child care centres.

 Happy Feet is driven by the need to expand the knowledge and understanding of children living a healthy lifestyle (NQF 2.1) We have specific classes dedicated to teaching and encouraging hygiene practices and physical fitness (NQF 2.1.3) in fun and educational sessions. Healthy eating and physical activity are core motivators of the Happy Feet Fitness program. We encourage children to learn about fitness and healthy choices through our fun and educational classes. (NQF 2.2)

Self-esteem and confidence building has been a big focus in the creation of the Happy Feet Fitness program. So no matter whether child is brimming with confidence or a little on the quiet side, our goal is for all children leave Happy Feet classes feeling proud of themselves and what they have achieved. (NQF 5.1.1).

For further information, please visit the Happy Feet Fitness website.

Kinderkick is a fundamental motor skills program that is designed to target children aged three to five years, and features specific lesson plans to assist and enhance the developmental needs of each child's physical and social wellbeing.  The children complete an appropriate game based warm-up, then participate in fun, target skill activities such as catching, throwing, balancing, crawling, etc. before concluding with some calming activities.

During participation in the Kinderkick program, children develop and grow physically and emotionally.  Through innovative, fun drills and sequential activities, children develop coordination, balance and concentration.  With the incorporation of a variety of games, children learn to follow instructions, work as part of a team and develop their self-confidence and imagination.

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 3033 5400 or visit the ALF Queensland website.