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QLD Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

At Brookfield Early Childhood Centre, our government approved Kindergarten programs are designed to ensure your child has a successful transition to school. Through implementing the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines, our early childhood teachers encourage resilience, and strong social and personal skills that are vital in setting your children up to engage in effective learning at school.

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines describes learning and development areas as ‘… the knowledge, skills and dispositions that children will explore during the Kindergarten Year within a holistic learning program’ (p.38).  There are 5 broad learning and development areas identified in the QKLG which are aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, and guide the decisions of early childhood teachers at Brookfield Early Childhood Centre in planning opportunities to engage children in integrated learning through play, real-life engagements, routines and transitions.

Children find out about themselves, how capable they are, and their place in their world through their experiences with others.  Having self-knowledge enables children to be sensitive to the lives of others and to understand that they have the power to make choices in relation to consequences.

Children are, foremost, members of their own family, but as they grow and develop this frame of reference increases and multiplies.  They learn that they have rights along with responsibilities with respect to their social and geographic worlds, and so do other people and other children.

If children grow up to be healthy, active and confident, they will be better prepared for learning about their world and its potential.  They will be more positive about the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

Children learn in many different ways and use their learning for a variety of different purposes. The range of activities they experience during their early years will impact on how variously their learning will manifest and provide a resource for them to use in their exploration of their worlds.

Children learn to communicate in different ways as they increasingly interact with their worlds. Their behaviours become more complex and diverse as they access the wider range of experiences presented to them.  Their knowledge and conceptual development becomes richer and enables them to understand and express themselves more confidently and consistently.

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