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Excellence in Early Childhood Education



For most children, beginning early childhood education and care means beginning a new and different way of life. Children all react and behave differently to change. Some will respond enthusiastically, interpreting the new experience as an opportunity to be with new people and to enjoy new activities in a new environment.

For many other young children however, beginning care can be an unfamiliar and bewildering experience and for some it has the potential to be very frightening. As such Brookfield Early Childhood Centre utilises an orientation process to ensure a smooth, safe and secure transition from home & family to a care environment.  The Service has an individualised orientation process which is determined in collaboration with parents and families prior to the child’s first day.

What to Bring

When attending Brookfield Early Childhood Centre you will need to provide a named baby bottle or drink bottle, a hat that protects the child’s face, neck and ears (example: legionnaire hat or broad-brimmed hats), a jumper in colder weather, and a bag with 1 to 2 complete changes of clothing, including shoes & socks if toilet training.  Clothing must be named as the number of children in attendance each day means that sizing and styles are often the same.  As children are encouraged to experiment with all types of materials & media, many of which are messy, we ask that you send your children along in comfortable, practical clothing which is appropriate for creative play.