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In the year before school children are increasingly confident, agile, observant and seekers of adventure. They are at an age where they are beginning to make connections, and yet, still want to know more. They are not built for desk sitting; their brains crave action, and they need the opportunity to play, move and explore.

Within their very own building and playground our team of Early Childhood Teachers engage the children in a curriculum that inspires their learning, facilitates the expression of their ideas, enhances their imagination and innovation, broadens their understanding of the world around them and instils in them a sense of who they are. They encourage resilience and social and personal skills that are vital in setting your children up to engage in effective learning at school. When they are engaged in learning they feel empowered to express ideas and make choices about their learning. Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed specifically to enrich the children’s learning in the year prior to starting their Preparatory year at school and to ensure your child has a successful transition to school.

Extra Curricular

In addition to delivering high-quality programs, Brookfield Early Childhood Centre also offers additional programs and services to our families and their children in their Kindergarten year, at no additional charge.

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