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Excellence in Early Childhood Education



Children of this age are increasingly confident, agile, observant and seekers of adventure. They are at an age where they are beginning to make connections, and yet, still want to know more. They are risk takers and mess makers. When they are engaged in learning they feel empowered to express ideas and make choices about their learning. They are not built for desk sitting; their brains still crave action and children need the opportunity to play, move and explore, and as such, share a dedicated playground with Kindergarten. Early childhood teachers engage the children in a program that inspires their learning, facilitates the expression of their ideas, enhances their imagination and innovation, broadens their understanding of the world around them and instils in them a sense of who they are. Individual programs are implemented incorporating the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines that extend and enrich the children’s learning. These guidelines assist teachers in providing children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. Through our programs, teachers encourage resilience and social and personal skills that are vital in setting your children up to engage in effective learning at school. While the EYLF focuses on children from birth to five years, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines aims to specifically enrich children’s learning in the year prior to starting their Preparatory year at school. At Brookfield Early Childhood Centre, our teachers implement the government approved Kindergarten program that is designed to ensure your child has a successful transition to school.

Click here to view the Service's 2020 Government Funded Kindergarten Statement of Fees.